Jan 12, 2024Grants, News, Press Release

Tuscola County Community Foundation (TCCF) is pleased to announce that two new funds have been established and joined our family of funds.

The Alvin “Butch” and Mutzie Ortner Charitable Foundation fund was established through a planned gift to TCCF by Mr. Ortner of over $5.2 million dollars. Mr. Ortner was a farmer, who during his lifetime had been generous to many charities and made provisions to continue his legacy. Some of his philanthropic interests that will continue through establishment of this fund are in areas supporting organizations that address children with special needs, leader dog programs, supporting his church, student scholarships, and local non-profit groups. Additionally, The Thumb Octagon Barn Agricultural Museum was a special place for Mr. Ortner and was included in his planning.

The Neal Sisters Foundation, with assets of over $1.1 million dollars, has dissolved as a private foundation and joined the TCCF family of funds. The Neal Sisters Foundation has been an established foundation in the Caro area for a number of years. The estates of three Neal sisters, Eleanor, Bertha, and Elisa, were joined in 1990 to create a private foundation. The Neal sisters’ lives were devoted to education and the progress of human development. TCCF will continue making available the granting opportunities the private foundation has had since its’ founding.

TCCF now manages 123 active funds, with assets over $22 million dollars. TCCF is appreciative of the generous support we have received throughout our 26-year history. Thank you, donors, for making Tuscola County a better place to live!