Emergency Needs Fund

Questions? Call 989.673.8223  or email jhunter@tuscolaccf.org

Recently two generous donors stepped forward to jump-start this new fund to help meet emergency needs in our Tuscola County communities. We are most grateful to be a partner in helping to distribute these funds to meet emerging needs.

Northstar Bank ($1,500) along with an anonymous donor ($10,000) recognized that our communities will have additional, unforeseen challenges to meet today’s changing COVID-19 world we are living in. Should you wish to join them to help meet these challenges, donations can be sent to: TCCF, PO Box 534, Caro, MI 48723

Or by clicking the Donate button above and utilizing our secure PayPal network.

Please indicate “Tuscola County Emergency Needs Fund” and you will receive a prompt acknowledgement thanking you for your generosity in helping neighbors in this time of need.

The sole purpose of the Emergency Needs Fund is to provide support for emergent needs that arise for residents residing in Tuscola County. Priority emergent needs are defined as food, clothing and shelter. Applicants who are addressing these needs will be given preferred consideration in grant decisions. Secondary needs include organizations that are “first responders” in times of community crisis. Tertiary needs include organizations providing other services during times of emergency in Tuscola County not identified above. During times of emergent need the TCCF Board of Trustees will determine which priority area applications are being accepted.

Applications are available and can be downloaded from our Grant Application section at the bottom of this page or by contacting the office (989) 673-8223 during normal business hours.

Founders Fund Impact Grants

Questions? Call 989.673.8223  or email jhunter@tuscolaccf.org

The Tuscola County Community Foundation is offering a new program of impact grants to fund a wide variety of projects within Tuscola County. The project grant is limited up to $500 until the funds available are used up for the year.

The Founders Fund Impact Grant is intended for innovative and/or start up lead projects often associated with a new idea sprung from grass roots or smaller non-profit organizations. Repeat applicants will be considered, although new project applications may receive preferential consideration.

Applications are available below. Please remember to read the Grant Guidelines before you start your application.

Grant Guidelines

Established in 1997, the Tuscola County Community Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the quality of life in Tuscola County. The foundation accepts and administers gifts from donors of all types. The principal of these gifts remains intact forever, with only the income used for grants. Through the granting process the Tuscola County Community Foundation addresses the area’s needs and supports promising opportunities.

The Tuscola County Community Foundation places emphasis on projects that are:

  • Innovative
  • Present opportunities to leverage other local funds raised by an organization
  • Yield substantial local benefits for the community resources invested
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between organizations
  • Create potential to continue after the grant period

When making grants, the Tuscola County Community Foundation’s Grant Committee and Board of Trustees are guided by the following general policies:

  • Grants are made only to 501 (c) (3) organizations or other tax-exempt organizations and programs benefiting the citizens and communities of Tuscola County.
  • Grants are made for a wide variety of charitable, community, scientific, literary, educational and cultural programs striving for geographic balance.
  • Grants are not made for operating budgets, previously incurred debt, endowment campaigns or fundraising activities.
  • Lower priority is given to requests for travel for groups such as school classes, clubs or sports teams.
  • Grants are ordinarily made for one year.
  • Proposals for hospitals, schools, childcare services, nursing/retirement facilities, computers, motorized vehicles and tax-supported community services are considered when they are the type of project emphasized by the foundation fund(s), demonstrate substantial impact or address the needs of a significant or underserved portion of the community.
  • Grants are not made to churches for sectarian religious programs.

Application Deadline

Spring Grant Cycle: Postmarked by March 1 and Fall Grant Cycle: Postmarked by October 1

The original application and 6 copies must be submitted for each fund grant applied for. Please complete all information requested along with a cover sheet and all required attachments.

Please Note:

The Tuscola County Community Foundation Grant Application is used for all funds except:

  • Future Youth Involvement (FYI) Fund
  • Future Youth Mini-Grant
  • Founders Fund Impact Grant
  • List Family Fund Grant
  • Tuscola County Emergency Needs Fund

All Grant Applications are available below.

Send to:

Tuscola County Community Foundation
PO Box 534
Caro, MI 48723

The Tuscola County Community Foundation operates without discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex, handicap, sexual orientation or national origin in consideration of grant requests.